Wednesday, October 3, 2012

World Top 10 Countries With Free Sex Culture

Each country has its own characteristics in freedom in sex. There's a law prohibiting the freedom of sex, Because may be irrelevant to the norms of the country.
But here "Rich Attitude" trying to give information about the countries that embrace free sex. Countries with free sex culture. Because the country belongs to all human freedom, even in free sex.

1. Greece 
Everyone has to know if this country has a tradition of sex from ancient times. With a Mediterranean climate and has many islands and beaches, making Greece the most horny state number 1 worldwide.

2. Brazil 
It is the birthplace of the "thong", it makes sense if sex is just as important as breathing in this one country. The beach is always full of beautiful women as well as Brazil has an annual Carnival and a Brazilian entry in the list. 

3. Russia 
Cold War of its time hidden sex lives of Russia's population, and after the fall of communism, then it is revealed wide. Libido Russian people create clubs and bars is growing very rapidly in Moscow, where hookups are entertainment nights in the country that had this high horny. 

4. China 

The more evolved culture of China, led to increasingly evolve sexual activity in this country. Want proof? Within 8 years, 5000 shop equipment providers and sexual needs has been established and just stand in one city, namely the Beijing plus China had SEXPO, where Chinese residents come to check his sex equipment. 70% of the world of sex products are made in China, For the things that have been mentioned, the Chinese entry in the list. 

5. Poland 
Polish sex culture quite conservative, but Poland has an annual festival featuring the name Eroticon latest products the sex equipment. Polish politicians scandals never happen but the biggest Polish obvious entry points of this list is by holding "Gangbang world record" was achieved by 2 people from this country and do in Poland itself. 

6. Italy 
The Italians have an opinion sex should be done every day. A poll found that 32% of Italians with 60 years of age, have sex regularly. It is not clear about the range of time, but a clear frequency of sexual activity they enter Italy in this list. 

7. Malaysia 
According to the Durex survey, sex culture generally conservative country, but a lot of controversy behind it is happening, one example: whether sex education should be held in college or not? Behind the controversy, by Durex, there are facts that indicate if the Malaysian people have a high level of horniness. For example: Minister-level officials (Health Minister) was forced to resign because of his sex scandal in January 2008. 

8. Spain 
In the land of Zorro, the sex is a cultural and perception. Tradition sex Spanish population today are often embedded in modern terms, as we know it with the term Spanish-Fly and Viagra, although the actual population of Spain was not too use these products. For this, the Spanish entry in the list. 

9. Switzerland 
The next sequence is a country of Switzerland. Although they have a neutral attitude in politics, but to matters of sex will be a different story. Prostitution is legal in this country with the achievement: every year the country johns issued 350,000 Frank to get sexual satisfaction. With this commitment to the fair if the Swiss entry in the list. 

10. Mexico 
Mexico to start a list of countries in the top 10 most horny this, they are the worst ABG to Mexico in May 2011, the government distributed 700,000 copies of the book teaching sex to all the students at the school. Ironically, although prostitution is generally illegal in Mexico, but in some cities like Tijuna considered legal.


This post is completely wrong. I'm brazilian and I can tell you this 'sexual freedom' is only a stereotype. Actually sex is a taboo, women are expected to be non-sexual, families don't talk about it etc. Things have changed a lot, but it's still a catholic country, conservative when it comes to sex. And about the other countries.. I've never been there, but, for example, sexual freedom in ancient greece, beautiful beaches and mediterrean climate does NOT make Greece a free sex culture!

wrong list, where is Thailand? it is no.1 in list.

how can you miss thailand?

yupp. Phuket ,Pattaya in Thailand .The only thing tht's come in mind is sexxxx

In how many country,sex has been legal?

Chuttiyaa sudi arab mai gaalat kaam nhi hotai vo 1 acchi country hai

Sex galat kaam hai? To tu paida kaise hua... aur tu sex nahi karta..?

Tere ma ki sala saudi gaya kabhi chutiyya. Wo free sex country nhi hain tere jaisa. Banchod ja ke dekh

Thailand kaha hai ji ?

Sweety tumhe thaiĺand nahi pata

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